About The Duke's restaurant in Chiang Mai.

The Duke’s restaurants are all about food. Great food and lots of it.

Without a doubt, they’re Chiang Mai’s favorite American restaurants serving classic food in a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. After many years in the USA food industry, David Anichowski opened his first The Duke’s restaurant
by the Ping River in 2005. Why the name? When he was a kid, his mom called him “The Duke!”

The Duke’s is Chiang Mai’s original “scratch kitchen” serving down-to-earth cooking. We’ve always made our food fresh, cooked to order, using the best local and imported ingredients even before it became “trendy.” We create our homemade sauces, breads, soups, dressings, and cakes every day,

We cater for companies and events, plus provide home delivery through Food Panda and Meals on Wheels. The Duke’s currently has three restaurant branches in Chiang Mai: Ping River, Maya Shopping Mall, and the Promenada Mall.

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